Novos Bentley Continental GT 2019 – 3rd generation of luxury coupe: Preço, Ficha Técnica, Interior e Fotos

The new Bentley Continental GT 2018-2019 model year was presented publicly on August 30, 2017 on the eve of the world premiere on the podium of the Frankfurt Motor Show in early autumn. The new two-door Bentley Continental was announced by the British company Bentley Motors , as the world’s best car in the Grand Tourer class. In our review, the new Bentley Continental GT 3 generation 2018-2019 model year – photo and video, price and equipment, specifications of a luxury two-door coupe premium. The new generation of the Bentley Continental GT is related to the Porsche Panamera (based on the modern MSB platform) will go on sale in Europe and  in the spring of 2018 at a price of approximately 200,000 euros for the Bentley Continental GT with 635-horsepower gasoline W12. The price of new items in the British market will be from 155 thousand pounds.

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Novidade Bentley Continental Supersports 2019

photo Bentley Continental GT 2018-2019 front view

The third generation of the luxury British coupe, having tried on a new “cart” from Porsche Panamera (the 2nd generation based on the D1 platform from the Volkswagen Phaeton sedan) received a two-link front suspension, a multi-link rear suspension, three-chamber pneumatic bearings, a four-wheel-drive system with a multi-disc clutch controlled electronics, smart shock absorbers with adaptive control, as well as active stabilizers of lateral stability, opposing the body rolls in turns with the help of electromechanical actuators, operating from a 48-volt on-board network.

Photo Bentley Continental GT 2018-2019 rear view

In the design of the new Bentley Continental GT 3 generation, high-strength steel and aluminum are widely used (the exterior panels of the body are manufactured using the technology of forming from winged metal at a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius), which made it possible to reduce the curb weight of the novelty by as much as 80 kg to 2,224 kg in comparison with Model of the last generation. At the same time, the engineers managed to provide the coupe with an excellent weight distribution on the axles: the front axle accounts for 45% of the mass, and the rear 55%.

The British coupe with a new modern platform will please potential owners with a classic exterior design of the body. It seems that the team of designers who created the new image of the luxury coupe tried all the best to keep the familiar image and proportions of the body of the 2nd generation model, giving it a more aesthetic and attractive look. British designers, taking as a basis the body of the predecessor, with light movements, removed everything that seemed to them superfluous, completing the body of the new generation of Continental GT with a larger and more solid falshadiatron grille, more expressive headlights and unmatched oval oversized lamps with echoes of tailpipes echoing them. It is also worth noting that the magnificent punching, extending the front and rear wheel arches, and those have become larger.

There is 100% continuity of generations, but, of course, the new Bentley Continental looks steeper and more solid than its predecessor.

  • The external dimensions of the body of the Bentley Continental GT 2018-2019 are 4805 mm in length, 1954 mm in width, 1392 mm in height, with 2851 mm of wheelbase.
  • The dimensions of the wheelbase of the new generation of the British Grand Tourer class coupe have grown by 105 mm compared to the previous generation model. Interestingly, the front axle is shifted forward by 135 mm, thus providing a minimum front overhang with better handling, and the rear, on the contrary, has become larger, giving the car an easier and swift image.
  • The drag coefficient of the body of the “third” Bentley Continental GT is 0.29 Cx.
  • For the coupe, chic 21-inch wheels with 265/40 R21 tires for the front axle and 305/35 R21 for the rear axle are standardly offered. As an option, larger 22-inch wheels with rubber 275/35 R22 in front and 315/30 R22 at the rear.

If the appearance of the new British luxury coupe demonstrates evolutionary processes based on predecessors, then the interior is a real revolution. Just think, there is a virtual instrument panel, a fantastically original three-way section on the center console (in the parked state of the car the center console is deaf and continues to stylishly trim the front panel, turned on the ignition and in front of you a huge 12.3-inch color multimedia screen, and on the third side analog dials with temperature, compass and chronometer readings).

photo interior of the Bentley Continental GT 2018-2019

Further more traditional and familiar attributes of a luxury coupe, but still they do not cease to impress with their unique appearance and high functionality. In the presence of an exorbitant amount of leather, veneer and aluminum, door cards, front seats and rear seats with a trim of combined natural leather, driver and passenger seats with electric adjustments, heating, ventilation and massage. On the central tunnels, physically operated buttons and switches (most likely to spite the creators of the new generation Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne flaunting full touch control), an audio system with 9 speakers with a capacity of 650 watts, for an additional premium audio system Bang & Olufsen with 16 loudspeakers output 1500 W or 2200 watt Naim with 18 !!! speakers and a huge selection of colors and textures of the skin, as well as a variety of veneer options from valuable wood.

Bentley Motors has not forgotten about passive and active safety. There are matrix LED headlamps and rear LED headlamps with the original three-dimensional graphics, for a surcharge, a pedestrian warning system, a road mark recognition system, a camera providing an all-round view (City package) and adaptive cruise control with an assistant when driving in traffic jams, A projection screen on the windshield, an auto hold system in the lane, a night vision system and a preventive braking system (Touring package).

The volume of the luggage compartment of the two door coupe Bentley Continental GT of the new generation is 358 liters.

Specifications of the Bentley Continental GT 2018-2019. As we mentioned above, the basis of the new British coupe is the new Porsche Panamera generation platform with front dual-link and rear multi-link suspension, three chamber air springs, four-wheel drive with an emphasis on the rear wheels, adaptive shock absorbers, active anti-roll bars and a robotic preselective 8-speed gearbox With two clutch discs.

  • Well at least the engine went to the novelty of the native Bentley – 6.0-liter W12 TSI (635 hp 900 Nm). The same motor is installed on a large Bentley Bentayga crossover, but a little less powerful.

The motor is installed under the hood of the new generation of the Continental GT coupe with a pair of twin scroll turbochargers, a combined fuel injection system, with the function of deactivating the half of the cylinders. Powerful engine, modern transmission and all-wheel drive give the coupe excellent dynamic and high-speed characteristics: acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes only 3.7 seconds, maximum speed of 333 km / h. The fuel consumption is from 12.2 liters in combined mode of motion to 17.7 liters pure in urban mode.

Soon the premiere of the Bentley Continental GT with petrol V8 and even in the petrol-electric version of the coupe is expected, and in the model lineup there will be an open version – the convertible Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

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